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I am Rachel L. Logan, your local Empowerment Coach and Counselor.  I help people renew their minds and increase their self-worth. Welcome to the first edition of the monthly Empowerment Blog! I am excited to share with you my mission to help people in our communities.

I am from Centreville, IL and graduated from Cahokia High School. Majority of my high school and college years I felt so inadequate. I was self-conscious about my skin (because I had an acne problem), by body, and my intelligence. On the outside looking in, I appeared to be an average person dating, working and living. But for real, I struggled with low self-esteem. I thought I was not good enough. I second guess myself, sabotaged opportunities, and was so afraid of forming healthy relationships.

My mindset started improving after I committed my life to Jesus Christ and got connected to a powerful church. I became honest with myself and with God. The thoughts I had towards myself and future were toxic. In order for me to embrace the good things that were happening around me, I had to make internal changes.  I attended classes at church, listened to podcasts, read books, and talked to other women to help me heal and transform.

As I discovered myself and my purpose, I started noticing a difference in my confidence and mood.  I gave myself permission to live without the belief of being perfect. It is my passion, to help people renew their minds so they can live in confidence and fulfill their purpose too.

With that being said, I’ve invested over a decade of my time to become a quality Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I earned my Masters of Social Work in 2011 and obtained my clinical license in 2014.  I provide Empowerment Coaching and Counseling services to individuals, couples and families. It’s a joy to listen, support, and empower people as they heal.

As I continue my journey empowering people, I want to stay connected with you by sharing tips and information about upcoming events. We all have a mission in life. I am determined to empower you to fulfill it.  Why? Because you are worth it.

Your Empowerment Coach and Counselor,

Rachel L. Logan, LCSW

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